Friends forever

Even longer than forever...

Some of our most valuable friendships are formed when we are very young. As adults when we see 3 and 4 year olds playing together we think it is sweet, but the bonds that are formed at this age are quite unique. We are our true selves without any of the trappings of society’s expectations of who we should be. My first friends were Lyle and Sally. We have all gone in different directions and don’t see each other often, but when we do we seem to revert back to our younger selves. The last time I saw Lyle I had to tell him I was running a marathon and he proceeded to show me that he could do a handstand. It was as if we were back on the playground seeing who could run the fastest. Sally has always been cooler than me. She knew all of the cutest actors and best music and I just agreed with her. She is still cooler than me, but when have the opportunity to go on a hike we are once again little girls finding bugs and flowers. When you get together with your childhood friends you know that you will be loved no matter what because they loved you from the start.
While we are excited to be able to offer a quality educational program here at Discovery Montessori School, we are equally excited for the opportunity to foster such important friendships.

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