Documenting Learning

Developing Fine Motor Skills With Pin Pushing Lesson

When receiving a lesson from their teacher, it is a lesson chosen for the developmental and skill level appropriate for that individual child or small group.  The age of the child may serve as a guide, but we respect the different readiness levels of each child and are able to match their lessons and activities to their readiness and interests, not just their age.  This allow children to progress at their own pace, neither rushed to move on before they are ready nor held back when ready for a new challenge.

Documenting learning is a critical part of what we do at Discovery Preschool.  Teachers assess their students using observation and evaluating written work for the older students.  Teachers use a check list to track lessons given and progress towards mastering each skill.


Teachers carefully document your child’s learning by creating individual child portfolios. Teachers compile information into a child’s portfolio, documenting achievements and milestones.  The portfolio follows the child when he/she moves into an older classroom and is sent home with the child when he/she exits the school.