Daily Schedule

Daily Schedule for Preschool Children

Getting Settled

  • Put personal belongings away, wash hands, sign-in
  • Greet teachers
  • Learning centers are available for child-initiated exploration and play
  • Learning centers include dramatic play, science, writing, art and creative expression, creation station for building and constructing, math materials and a music and movement area
  • Hank and Esric stethescope

    Dramatic Play








Whole Group Circle

  • Greet each other and sing together
  • Morning movement songs and/or stretching/yoga
  • Announcing the day’s events
  • Group discussion

Learning Centers

  • Learning centers are available for child-initiated, teacher supported learning

    Learning About Continents Using a Globe and the Puzzle Map

  • Learning centers include a library area, dramatic play area, science exploration, writing center, art station, science exploration, creation station for building and constructing, math materials, phonics, practical life and sensorial
  • Small skill-focused groups and special projects
  • One-on-one time focused on children’s individual goals


  • Children bring snack from home
  • Children have snack when they choose
  • Snack can be enjoyed alone or with a friend at the snack table

Small Group Circle

  • Share personal news or ideas
  • “Today I feel…..” discussion
  • Practice songs, poems, rhymes
  • Role playing social scenes

Outside Play

Henri and Adrian with water tube

Outside water exploration

  • Balls, jump ropes, buckets and shovels available for outside play
  • Structure for climbing
  • Play house for imagination and dramatic play
  • Observe weather, animals, birds, and the natural world
  • Nature walks


  • Children and teachers enjoy social conversation and the sense of community that comes from eating together
  • Children bring a bagged lunch from home

Literacy Group

Ozzy reading

  • Reading stories for meaning
  • Acting out stories
  • Letter and number recognition
  • Phonics
  • Beginning reading and writing



Closing Circle/Transitioning to Home

  • Read stories
  • Reflect on day
  • Share daily photos
  • Pick-up work to go home
  • Gather belongings
  • Good-byes